PRO TECH has a proud history of partnerships with many of the largest manufacturers of high quality chemicals in the world. These quality products, combined with PRO TECH's vast experience in servicing the sugar and bioethanol industries around the world, provide us with the knowledge and capabilities necessary to consistently anticipate and develop solutions and new products that both meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

PRO TECH offers a wide portfolio of products for all applications along with full service support to meet your needs. Our talented team is made up of individuals with proven experience in the sugar and ethanol industries. Our understanding of the chemical and engineering issues within these environments allows PRO TECH to develop tailor made solutions to the particular requirements of our clients' operation.

Since being founded in 2002, PRO TECH is proud to have continually grown to become an established key player in the global sugar industry, striving to be at the forefront of introducing new innovations and technology.



Ultra High Molecular Weight Juice Flocculant recommended when fast settling is required in the clarifier.


Flocculant for use in syrup clarification.


PRO FLOTE 100 used in the Liquor refinery to aid flotation


Anionic Flocculant for use in juice clarification.


Anionic Flocculant a multipurpose flocculant for use in all conditions within the sugar mill.

Magna Z7692

Cationic Flocculant for use in Ash separation.

Magnacide D: Carbamates

Carbamate biocide for general use in the raw sugar factory.

Magnacide Q: Quat

Qaternary Ammonium Biocide for general use in the raw sugar factory.

Beta Stab 10A

Hop Extract specialty biocide for use in either the raw sugar factories and refineries. Also helps to control dextran.

Lacto Stab

Alpha Acid , specialty product for use in the production of ethanol.

Magnazyme S: for starch

Manga zyme S Bacterial Amylase Enzyme for use in controlling starch in the raw sugar mill or refinery.

Magnazyme DEX: for dextran

Bacterial Dextranase Enzyme used to minimize the spread of dextrans in the raw mill or sugar refinery.

Magna LT-31

Sugar Decolorant for use in phosphotation refineries which can reduce color by up to 50%.


Decolorant for use in Syrup clarification processes.

Pro Floc LT Plus

High Molecular Weight Sugar Decolorant for use in phosphotation refineries and raw sugar factories.


Sugar Decolorant used in the pans to precipitate color.

PT-LCR 1000

Decolorant to replace the use of sulfur in the raw sugar factory.

Magna Wax

Sugar Decolorant used in phosphotation refineries to reduce color.

Magna 300

Antifoam used to minimize foam in the pans and ethanol production.

Magna 500

Used to minimize foam in the molasses tanks.

Magna 900

Concentrated foam control agent for use in the raw mill and ethanol production.

Magna 260

Magna 260 used to control foam in ethanol distilleries.

PT-L 122

Foam control agent for use in the production of ethanol.

Viscosity Reducers

Surfactant for use in the pans to control viscosity.

Magnasurf 400

Surfactant used in the pans to control viscosity.

Pro Surf 70 PG

Surfactant used in the pans to control viscosity.

Pro Scale

For use in the evaporators to inhibit scale formation on the evaporator tubes.

Acid Inhibitors
Magna 240

Sulphamic Acid Inhibitor.

Magna 241

Hydrochloric Acid Inhibitor.

Fondant Seeding

Pro Pan 6X specialty product made to a high specification for pan seeding in the raw sugar process.


Pro Pan 10X specialty product made to a high specification for pan seeding in the sugar refining process.


Pro Pan 12X specialty product made to a high specification for pan seeding in the sugar refinery.

PT Ion Exchange Resins

Acrylic resins used to remove color from the liquor stream. PT Styrene Resin used as a polish and to remove color from the liquor stream.


Used in the production of inverted sugar.

Phosphoric Acid

85% Food Grade for use in the phosphotation process.

Additional products and services include new and used equipment and spare parts for sugar mills and refineries as well as an Engineering, Design and Consulting department capable of supplying our clients with innovative solutions to suit their capital requirements.

Products & Process

The PRO TECH Worldwide Network

With offices in several sugar producing regions of the world, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, USA, Australia and the United Kingdom, PRO TECH is fully committed to servicing our clients worldwide. In addition, we have representatives in many other countries to support clients throughout Asia and Africa.

At PRO TECH, Experience Counts.

At PRO TECH, our team members can boast over 150 years of combined experience and commitment to the world's sugar industry and are specialists in both the chemical and engineering aspects of the business as well as several other associated disciplines.

Most of our team members spent many years working with Tate and Lyle.

PRO TECH Engineering, Design and Consulting Capabilities

PRO TECH's team brings many years of combined experience in the sugar industry, allowing us to offer numerous services to our clients. Consulting has become a major source of added value for our clients in the areas of Project Engineering & Management, Engineering Design, and Process Optimization capabilities. PRO TECH's well established Chemical Sales and Specialist Equipment Supply capabilities put us in a position to offer highly competitive, world class, and innovative Engineering solutions to the global sugar industry. Our presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific allows PRO TECH to respond effectively to our customers' needs.

We provide the following Engineering and design services to clients:

Complete design and product management for full or partial refinery build.
Complete design and product management for full or partial raw factory build.

We provide the following specific services to clients:

Sugar Manufacturing

  • Consultancy & Feasibility studies
  • Sugar process design for new and existing factories and refineries
  • Energy and Mass Balances
  • Multi disciplinary design and engineering capabilities including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and civil and structural
  • Design of new, high efficiency, low cost sugar factory and refinery processes
  • Factory & Refinery capacity upgrades and performance improvements
  • Sugar handling, conditioning, storage silos, packaging and warehousing
  • Project management
  • Process Commissioning & training
  • Process Optimisation
  • After sales technical support

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